"In Their Own Words"

Most candidates are quick to tell you why you should support them. Instead, read why these people support Sabrina based on their personal encounters with her outside of the campaign trail. 

"One of the things that really stuck out to me about Sabrina’s campaign was how it was organized. It’s grassroots from the bottom on up”  Garrett Wolf endorses Sabrina Haake and shares his Sabrina Story 


Herman Butler

Chicago, Illinois

"Sabrina and I were neighbors in Chicago, off Irving Park and Western.  Sabrina was always taking pots of food over to the homeless people living under the awning at McFetridge Park. She’d make soups and stews to take over to them, or sometimes it was just beans, sometimes it was sacks of $1 McD sandwiches. She’d always spend time, hang out, have conversations with them. Half the time when I saw her she was carrying pots- sometimes full, and sometimes she was retrieving empty pots. She did it for as long as I knew her. 

I don’t know her politics, but I do know she cares about people who are vulnerable."


Renee Hyde                                     

Artist.  Wanderer.  Code writer.  Princeton University Alumnus.  Fearless world traveler.  Beautiful human.

"My Aunt Sabrina is the strongest person I know, and always has been. My mom struggled financially, and with other things, and our housing was unstable. Aunt Sabrina reached back for me when I was a little girl, pulled me hard, and never let go.

She has been a huge influence in my life.  

Aunt Sabrina loves all living creatures, and she sees the good in everyone. I’ve seen her get her shoes wet to save a drowning bee, or a beetle on its back, and don’t get me started on how she tries to help all neglected animals, children, and homeless people. I think the country and the world needs more leaders like my aunt, and the idea of her as a Congresswoman gives me incredible pride, as well as hope for the future"


Jerome Prince

Mayor of Gary Indiana

At Gary Mayor Jerome Prince’s swearing in, the first person he thanked was Sabrina. 

“First I’d like to thank Sabrina Haake. ... As Sabrina stated, she was a member of our transition team and I've talked with her just about every day for the last ten months."


Taghi Arshami

The Arsh Group Inc.AICP, RLA. 

Urban Policy, Sustainability Planner

Merrillville, IN  

"For the first time in more than 30 years, Northwest Indiana will have an opportunity to send a new voice to Washington D.C. It is vitally important that this new voice embody our values and be an advocate for our regional needs. I strongly believe Sabrina has the required qualifications to be our new voice in Washington D.C. She has shown to be an effective advocate for economic opportunity, social justice, voting rights, acceptance, and gender and racial equity. She has devoted a significant amount of time and effort supporting many local organizations on a pro bono basis. As a local practitioner of urban policy and development, I have also found her to be a strong supporter of our region’s economic well-being. Her commitment to re-envisioning Northwest Indiana and promoting sustainability is truly refreshing. The depth of her knowledge, in ways to protect and transform our industrial heritage, infrastructure and transportation, is also striking. Her many years of legislative experience means she understands how Congress works. She can hit the ground running on day one of her term. I especially appreciate Sabrina’s thoughtful leadership. She is open to new ideas, routinely seeks out different perspectives, and responds well to “reasonable” positions. She is engaged, approachable, and genuinely committed to governing well. Please join me in supporting Sabrina for Indiana 1st District Representative. "


Ralph Haake

Pack Leader

Alpha male

Toy Hoarder

Gary, Indiana

"My mom rescued me. She rescued all of us. She’s always going out delivering dog food, straw, and dog houses to poor dogs who aren’t so lucky. She worries on nights when it’s frigid cold, because she knows there are dogs who are tied outside. She lobbied the City of Gary for years to make it illegal for a dog to spend its entire life at the end of a chain…. Then she started the Gary Animal Welfare Coalition.  We dogs are social creatures, that’s how we evolved, and the worst thing anyone can do to us is isolate us, and make us live in a tiny pen, or alone at the end of a chain or wire. I think everyone who cares about animals should vote for my mom,  Sabrina Haake."


Tim Montague

Solar Energy Advocate

Solar PV at Continental Energy Solutions

Chicago, Illinois


“I’m writing to ask you to join me in supporting a candidate for Congress who will advocate for an emergency declaration on climate, Sabrina Haake.  I agree with Sabrina that given the estimated conversion costs nationwide, particularly if we include industry, we will need to deploy federal emergency resources to upgrade the grid for expanded wind and solar as quickly as possible.”


Rodina Goodman-Iacovacci 

Purdue University

Hammond, IN

"WHAT AN AMAZING DAY! Today Jerome Prince was inaugurated as the 21st mayor of the City of Gary… And of course there's Sabrina Haake♥. She was a Senior Advisor on the transition team and she's the reason I even applied to be on the team. She has been such an amazing mentor and helped me meet people and make connections I otherwise would not have access to. I feel like I've used the word "amazing" a lot 😂, but these individuals have given me their time and attention and encouraged every idea I've brought to them. I'm so excited to be a part of #ReimagineGary #TheWorkBeginsNow"


Jack Denges 

Community Leader, Choir Director, St. Mary’s of the Lake

Gary Indiana

"I have known Sabrina for over 20 years. She's a constitutional trial lawyer and knows her stuff. More importantly, she's very real and will tell you, honestly, anything you want to know about her. 

She's been a community volunteer for Jerome Prince… she's also been active in fighting animal cruelty, helped change Gary's tethering law, and formed a coalition to provide resources to pet owners in need. I know in my heart that she's running for the right reasons and I think she'll make a great Congresswoman. I also LOVE her combined climate and growth agenda because I think it's the exact forward looking vision our local economy needs."


Eric Reaves

Director of Investments, City of Gary

"Bri was an important valued member of the transition team. She brought a needed perspective and always always pushed us to explore things more broadly. I would serve with her anytime anywhere. I love her and her energy and have since she moved to MB.  She is brilliant… "


Rebecca Wyatt,

Gary City Councilwoman

First District 2014-2020 

Gary, IN

"I also have known Sabrina for 20 years, have tremendous respect for her, and think she'd be an outstanding Congresswoman for Gary and NWI. 

I agree that her combined climate and growth agenda is the kind of forward looking vision our local economy needs. … Things are really looking up for Gary!  Thanks!"


Peter J. Schubert 

Ph.D., Scientist

Bloomington Indiana

“Upon review of the planks of your platform, I am deeply impressed … I would be honored to play some role in helping advance your program in addressing the climate emergency faced by all mankind.”

Peter J. Schubert, Ph.D., P.E. Dr. Schubert holds 42 US Patents, and is the author of over 110 technical publications. Dr. Schubert is the Principal Investigator on research projects from the NSF,  USDA, DOE, DOD, and NASA, all related to renewable energy, energy harvesting, and sustainability.  


Gene Ayres 

Ayres Realty

Gary Indiana

Regarding Sabrina’s Gary, Indiana real estate and house renovation work, in connection with a recent home sale transaction in Gary Gene Ayers wrote: 

“Our motivation is to see this once magnificent home receive the restoration it warrants. .. Sabrina Haake…. has the track record…  and will provide the resources… to make it happen..."

Linda Burton

Lake County Prosecutor - Retired

Gary, Indiana

I have known Sabrina for about 25 years, ever since she moved to Miller and renovated the old house across the street from us. We started out as neighbors, became friends, and have remained close for many years. 

Sabrina was a lawyer in Chicago and often worked from her home office in Gary, on Forest Ave. She and I enjoyed discussing our respective cases because they were so different. I remember two of her discrimination cases against big adversaries- one was against Oracle and one was against Schiller Park. They filled her home with boxes and boxes. Unintimidated, she read every paper in every box, fought aggressively, kept going back to court with discovery motions when necessary, and eventually she prevailed in both cases. In the years I’ve know her, I’ve never seen Sabrina back down from a powerful adversary. Sabrina’s work ethic, intellect, and kind heart will make her an excellent Congresswoman for Northwest Indiana.

Linda Hogan

Attorney for the Board of Education

Chicago, Illinois

I have practiced law in Chicago since 2000. I met Sabrina in 2007 when we both served as Assistants General Counsel to the Board of Education. Since that time, we have continued to collaborate on civil cases.

Having worked with Sabrina on multiple cases in state and federal court for over ten years, including high-exposure class action matters, I have been awed by her skill as an attorney. She is my go-to for practical, honest feedback, and I do not know what I would do without her counsel. She is thorough, committed to the rule of law, and her results are remarkable. I trust her judgment and insight more than any other litigator with whom I have ever worked.

Lisa Grayson

Paralegal - Marbo

Chicago, Illinois

Sabrina and I worked together at Marbo, Inc., (commonly known as Tampico), where Sabrina served as General Counsel and I was paralegal and translator (many of Marbo’s clients were in South America, Asia, and parts of Europe). 

Sabrina negotiated trademark license and distribution agreements with manufacturing partners all over the world. She started at Marbo after having studied law in Shanghai, China as well as London, England, through an international law program with Indiana University. 

After several years, we learned Marbo was for sale, so Sabrina decided to veer off and start her own litigation firm. When she resigned as GC, the owners/ principals of Marbo went ‘with’ her, meaning Sabrina continued to represent them as private clients after she left Marbo’s     

employment. I guess that pretty much sums up the high regard Marbo’s owners had for her. I have high regard for her too, but I’m biased, because we’ve remained close friends ever since those early years.

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