The Statue of Liberty would not approve


The revolving door prison pipeline must end.


Racial Justice in America

Race relations in America have gotten worse, not better, in the past couple years.  I believe that at its core, racism exists because of the fiction of ‘other’ and that this fiction is manipulated to advance personal, financial, and political agendas.  The creation of an outside ‘other’ is a strong tool of social cohesion, and today we see it being used very effectively, and dangerously, in Washington.


Racism In the Criminal Justice System

Today’s race relations have grown more complicated, and our society more polarized. My ideas on closing the education gap, environmental justice, and increasing better paid jobs, would directly address racial disparities in our country.  But racism in our criminal justice system is a different issue, and needs to be addressed separately, because nowhere in our nation is racism more apparent. For example, for the same crimes committed by white people, brown people are more likely to be arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced.  Our dysfunctional prison system only creates predators- it doesn’t rehabilitate anyone, and felons who pay for their crime to society continue to pay for the rest of their lives. Companies won’t hire them, owners won’t rent to them, and still we expect them to succeed upon release.  I fully support criminal justice reform to end racial disparities in our criminal justice system, including:

-Increased community policing.

=Expanded recruitment of minority police officers so the police force mirrors the population it serves.

-Mandatory police body cameras that can only be turned off to go to the bathroom.

-Banning private prisons. 

-Comprehensive sentencing reform.

- Legalization of marijuana. 

-Keeping non-violent, mentally ill, and juvenile offenders out of prison.


Gun Violence: How many lost lives will it take?

Since my early childhood was fraught with domestic violence that would make your hair stand up, I support red flag laws. People with a history of violence- including domestic violence- should not be allowed to own guns. When I was about six, my dad was enlisted in the Navy, and we lived in Oahu, HI. One day I was sitting in the backseat of the car, and a tarantula was on the seat next to me. My dad saw it when he was getting in the car, pulled out a gun, shot it, and blew a huge hole through the seat. One more beer and he’d have blown me through the seat along with the tarantula; I still don’t hear well in my left ear. I also support closing the gun show loophole where anyone can walk in to a gun show and walk out with a weapon. Federally licensed gun sales are conducted after a background check for a reason, and there’s no logical reason to suspend those common sense requirements for gun shows.


Immigrants Are Victims of Racism Too

I support strong borders, but the problem with ICE is its scorched earth approach. How does a nation reconcile its national symbol of liberty- revered around the world as a monument to freedom, strength, and compassion for the oppressed- with a wall, a national symbol announcing just the opposite? The symbolism is appalling, but it’s more than symbolic- ICE is arresting peaceful, non-criminal, seasonal farm workers while they are out in the fields- leaving the fruit and vegetables to rot- and raiding factories to arrest and detain peaceful, non-criminal, low paid assembly line workers, leaving their children at home with no parents.


No One Supports Open Borders

I support strong Customs and Border Protection, because open borders are not sustainable or feasible. The US simply cannot afford to house, feed and educate unlimited populations, especially when migrating populations are expected to double over the next 25 years. President Obama recognized this fundamental truth- ICE deportations increased to record levels under his presidency, leading critics to call him “Deporter in Chief” simply for defending our nation’s borders humanely and sensibly.  


Humane Border Protection Is Not An Oxymoron

The widespread use of sweeps and deportations for undocumented immigrants who have no criminal record is not only inhumane, it’s dangerous because it detracts from ICE’s more important and essential function of investigating drug smuggling cartels and human-rights abuses. 

Sabrina believes the humane solution is in the middle. She supports:

· Ending factory sweeps that disrupt local economies and leave children without their parents;

· Ending separations of families at the border;

· Comprehensive immigration reform including DACA for the 800k young people who know only the US as home;

· Making a clear and accessible path to legal citizenship for immigrants who comply with the law while seeking entry;

· Ending the detention and arrest of non-criminal undocumented immigrants; and

· Increased investigations and deportations for immigrants who have committed serious crimes- to remain vigilant in protecting our citizens against criminal gangs like MS-13.

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