The stigma of mental illness has got to go


Untreated mental illness has an ugly domino effect on everything we’re trying to improve


I believe in mental health treatment

Mental illness lies at the heart of our nation’s ugliest headlines.  It causes our worst problems, and if we’re ever going to solve them, we need leaders with the courage to admit that simple truth. It’s reported that around 20% of US adults suffer from mental health related problems, and fewer than half of them are treated.  Untreated mental illness has an ugly domino effect on everything we’re trying to improve in our region: education, gun control, crime, domestic violence, the opioid crisis, and even the environment!


Our children deserve a chance

This truth is obvious, which makes it even more outrageous that no politician is saying it!  No sane man sprays bullets on a crowd; mentally healthy people don’t beat their spouses or shoot strangers for their wallets; and well-adjusted and socially supported people don’t shoot heroin or eat opioids for breakfast.  More importantly, kids who come from dysfunctional homes (and yes! I should know!), where parents are unavailable due to mental health and substance abuse can’t learn or comprehend in the classroom.  How can a kid focus on sentence structure, or trigonometry, when there’s non-stop drama and trauma at home?


I will fight

When I get to Congress, I will fight to bring mental health resources to Northwest Indiana.  I will fight for and support efforts like the Mental Health Access Improvement Act of 2019 to give parents struggling with how to keep it together a fighting chance.  I’ll also support and fight for laws that make it easier for families affected by mental illness to get help before someone picks up a gun.  Bills like the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, which has its detractors- and I agree the federal government shouldn’t dictate treatment - are essential if we’re going to get to people facing crises before they turn violent. Bills to increase funding for the detection of mental illness in our education and criminal justice systems are essential, as is expanding coverage for mental health services under the affordable care act or whatever iteration of healthcare coverage we elect going forward.

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